Development uh definitions… conventions…??? notes??

This is using the Fat-Free Framework found here:  I looked at some and decided this was fine.  One of them I looked at had over 3,700 files and I happen to know that many shared hosting sites have file limits.  Bluehost where we are will not run auto-site backups if you are over 20,000 files so I’m certainly not going to waste 3,700 files on the stupid framework.  After having started I’m actually quite happy with this anyway.  The framework is contained entirely in the lib directory.

We’re using camelCase for everything.  I hate trying to find the ‘_’ key all the time – except in MYSQL.  Don’t know why but I’m using the ‘_’ in the database.  Deal with it.

We’re using the object oriented thing – classes are upper CamelCase and class file names need to match the class name exactly for the autoloader to find them.  Created classes will all be in the includes directory.

All routing will be done through the main index.php.

All visual elements will be done through templates in the ui directory.  The index.php will be responsible for calling the templates.

The dict directory will be for the translation files.  The cache and temp directories are used by the framework.

Code should be indented with <tab>s and COMMENTED!  Yes put some comments in that code.  That one of the reasons I started this project!!!