What’s this Bugerator stuff?

So I was looking for a good bug tracking system.  Now there are many great ones but one of the things I want is to have WordPress integration so I was looking at plugins.  I just don’t want to have people register for the website then have to register again to track the bugs.

Tried a couple of plugins and they just weren’t what I wanted, thus Bugerator was born.  Out of the box it supports multiple projects and multiple users.  While any WordPress admin will be a admin in Bugerator it has an independent Admin/Editor list separate from WordPress’s permission.  So you don’t have to give access to your WordPress pages in order to give access to the projects.

Finally a short code for the Bugerator can give access to all of the different programs you are writing or just an individual one so you can keep projects private, limit access, etc.  Look for it soon in the WordPress plugins directory.