Rethinking Tickerator

I was comparing tickerator to the finished bugerator and thinking – I really hate how tickerator is right now.  I had just gotten past the install in programming it, but I don’t like the install.  So – starting over. 😉

Looking back the F3 framework I was using might be a little awkward in typing things.  I would probably get used to it but after working inside of WordPress I decided I like their style of accessing things better.  I’m still debating whether or not this should be able to be installed as a WordPress plugin but I thought I would rework it a bit so if I do decide to use it as a plugin that it would almost be able to drop in.  I’m going to use the principles of F3 such as the templates, single file routing, etc. but just not the framework itself.  Also for bugerator I realized there are quite a few webhosts that do not have PHP 5.3 which F3 requires so that’s another reason for me to move away from F3.

So I’m going to write the DB access as a class with similar methods to WordPress’s db class and while I won’t necessarily have “hooks” I can still use an install class that would be accepted by WordPress with adding some simple hooks at the beginning.  I think I like this idea better.

Still going to use camelCase because I don’t like typing a billion underscores for variable names as much.  So_there.  So if I do this as a plugin it won’t be 100% according to the standards that the WordPress team wants but that’s ok.