Bugerator update, Tickerator and The Lost and Found

Woohoo. ¬†Bugerator is going places. ūüôā I know it isn’t a lot but it has 88 users and I have received several bug reports. Yes it has bugs. ¬†It is hard to find everything before a project is in the wild when you are a team of 1. ¬†But I’m getting to them relatively quickly. ¬†As of now it has 88 downloads which considering I have done no promotion other than making it available pleases me.

I’ve done a little rewriting of the tickerator install. ¬†In a nutshell I hated it. ¬†I already posted about that though.

So I’ve had a request from the community theater to manage the lost and found from our website. ¬†So coming really soon is the Lost and Found plugin for WordPress. ¬†Basically it allows you to post pictures and descriptions of items in your lost and found and people can claim them by typing their Name and email or phone. ¬†No WP login required. ¬†The administrator can elect to receive emails whenever an item is claimed then mark the item as returned or whatever.

Everything is done except the admin interface and I expect to get that done in the next day or two. ¬†This will be appropriate for community theaters, church groups, community centers, or any group that has a Word Press site and has people leave items behind. ¬†We will be announcing the lost and found via our group email so that parents can claim the things their children (or them) have left behind. ¬†Good times…

10 thoughts on “Bugerator update, Tickerator and The Lost and Found”

  1. Wow at last a Bug tracker for WordPress and its brilliant !!!
    10 out of 10 !

    We are going to be using this on our site for real stuff a seperate bug tracking system like Bugzilla.

    I think a “Powered by Bugerator” option is in order in the admin so those of us that love it can have that on the bottom of the page to show the world.


  2. Live happens sometimes.. lol. I do a lot with community theater and we just finished a production a couple of weeks back. Also I do taxes for people in my spare time and that’s wrapping up in the next couple of weeks. So I’m still alive and still interested and will have time to look at the code again in the next coming weeks.

  3. David,
    I was wondering how I could use your plugin and have people enter their own information instead of waiting for the ‘admin’ to enter them?
    Here’s why I ask: We are a non-profit animal shelter and we’re trying to get the community involved in the finding and return of lost pets to their rightful owners.
    So with that in mind, is there PHP code in your plugin that can be “tweaked” in order to accomplish this?
    If this makes no sense to you, please feel free to contact me personally.



    1. Yeah its been forever since you commented. Sorry. In the lost-and-found setting you can now check a box so that anybody with “upload_files” access can add items. This means they need to be authors, editors or admins in wordpress. Authors would be safest.

      They would add themselves as a user then in wordpress permissions make them an author. You can also add the “upload_files” capability to the subscriber role in your admin setting then anybody can upload files. That might be a bit of a security risk though. I don’t know all of the repercussions so research it before you do that.

      WordPress has a good image uploading capability and I’m just borrowing the default. It should be possible to have my own upload form but there are too many security risks that I’m not sure I want to do that.

    1. I have it limited to pics mainly because I wouldn’t think of any other files that would be useful in this setting. I would hesitate to add .dwg or .zip in itself since there are security risks there I don’t want to touch.

  4. Hi,

    Because of I can not find the project in the bug tracker, so I write here now just a short answer.
    My question was how I can change the messages of the plugin.
    The answer is quite simple:
    Before installing you have to change the whole language file.
    If you then install the plugin, everything is translated.

    1. Yeah I’ve learned the proper WordPress way of doing language files and it is something I want to try to get going in the next month or two.

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