Back into Tickerator

Well bugerator is almost where I want it. Couple more bugs and couple more features then I think I won’t be spending as much time on it unless there are special requests.

The Lost and Found for a weeks project received more usage than I thought. I didn’t think anybody would download it, just me but it topped 80 so far. Write for myself, then others use it. Works for me.

So – Tickerator. How we love thee… I decided it is going to be a WordPress plugin first and maybe a standalone. My reasoning now is the same as Bugerator – basically WordPress has a security/user model. Why write another program that has its own? I would imagine that quite a few of community theaters/organizations use WordPress for their site. I know my theater group does (I set it up. lol) I think if people have a user to buy tickets it may make them more likely to comment on the site itself with the same user. I don’t know but at least it will be easy to comment.

So that’s where I am. Happiness prevails.