Back into Tickerator

Well bugerator is almost where I want it. Couple more bugs and couple more features then I think I won’t be spending as much time on it unless there are special requests.

The Lost and Found for a weeks project received more usage than I thought. I didn’t think anybody would download it, just me but it topped 80 so far. Write for myself, then others use it. Works for me.

So – Tickerator. How we love thee… I decided it is going to be a WordPress plugin first and maybe a standalone. My reasoning now is the same as Bugerator – basically WordPress has a security/user model. Why write another program that has its own? I would imagine that quite a few of community theaters/organizations use WordPress for their site. I know my theater group does (I set it up. lol) I think if people have a user to buy tickets it may make them more likely to comment on the site itself with the same user. I don’t know but at least it will be easy to comment.

So that’s where I am. Happiness prevails.

2 thoughts on “Back into Tickerator”

  1. Hello,

    Bugerator is a simple but pretty cool plugin. could you please let us know how to restrict showing only assigned projects to logged in user? As of now, all logged in users can see all projects. We want to only show assigned projects. Is there a quick code fix that can do this?

    1. There is nothing internal to the plugin to do this. However in wordpress you can restrict which users can see an individual page inside wordpress. So restrict the page with the [bugerator] shortcode to the people who you want to be able to see all projects and set up pages for individual projects and use the shortcode [bugerator project="1"](or 2, 3, whatever). As an example set it up so user “Joe” only has access to the wordpress page with [bugerator project="2"] on it and user “Mary” can only access the page [bugerator project="3"].

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