Still Plugging Along

So as interests bounce back and forth I just wanted to put down a few words as to what I’ve been playing with. Bugerator and the lost and found are more or less feature complete. They are usable as is and don’t need a lot of attention. I still pay close attention to any issues people have and make improvements as necessary. I may work on new features in the future but nothing is planned for the immediate time.

I’ve been doing a lot with AVR chips (arduino pro mini among others). There is a time based switch turner on-er and off-er in the git here. It is designed to use a NRF24L01 and keep its own time with occasional communication from a Raspberry Pi. The AVR (client?) side is more or less there. I have one switching multicolored lights on my house. The raspberry pi side is not there. I have something in place to communicate manually. When I make more progress I’ll do a proper write up.

Since we are planning on buying a child care center in the near future I’ve initially started WordPress plugins for accounting and child care management. Why WordPress? Well I’d rather trust their established security. Besides as mentioned before I’d rather have everything all encompassing than install this in this folder and install that in another folder on a web host. That way there is one user name/password that can be used for many different things. Daycareator and accounterator are in the git for now.

Why the ator names? Well I didn’t want to totally copy the inator from Phineas and Ferb. Tickerator sounds good enough and its just kind of my thing.

’til next time.