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Bugerator update, Tickerator and The Lost and Found

Woohoo. ¬†Bugerator is going places. ūüôā I know it isn’t a lot but it has 88 users and I have received several bug reports. Yes it has bugs. ¬†It is hard to find everything before a project is in the wild when you are a team of 1. ¬†But I’m getting to them relatively quickly. ¬†As of now it has 88 downloads which considering I have done no promotion other than making it available pleases me.

I’ve done a little rewriting of the tickerator install. ¬†In a nutshell I hated it. ¬†I already posted about that though.

So I’ve had a request from the community theater to manage the lost and found from our website. ¬†So coming really soon is the Lost and Found plugin for WordPress. ¬†Basically it allows you to post pictures and descriptions of items in your lost and found and people can claim them by typing their Name and email or phone. ¬†No WP login required. ¬†The administrator can elect to receive emails whenever an item is claimed then mark the item as returned or whatever.

Everything is done except the admin interface and I expect to get that done in the next day or two. ¬†This will be appropriate for community theaters, church groups, community centers, or any group that has a Word Press site and has people leave items behind. ¬†We will be announcing the lost and found via our group email so that parents can claim the things their children (or them) have left behind. ¬†Good times…