The Lost and Found

Lost and Found tracking software. Allows people to view items in your lost and found and submit
their information to claim it.


This is an easy to use lost and found system for your community theater, church group,
community group, etc.

You submit a picture and a description of your items then people can enter their information
to claim the items.
1. Upload “” to the “/wp-content/plugins/” directory and unzip – or use the internal plugin install
1. Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in WordPress
1. Enter the short code “[lost_found]” on a blank page.

21 thoughts on “The Lost and Found”

  1. Will this plug in work for the latest version of WordPress, 3.8? I am looking for something to use as a lost and found for pets.


  2. Hi, I’m using this plugin for a neighborhood lost and found, and it has been working for the past year or so, but it suddenly started showing some bugs:

    1) When you try to upload an image, it automatically redirects you to the homepage (but the image does end of in the Media section of WordPress).

    2) When you try to submit a listing (without an image), it tells you to log in (even though the user is already logged in), and nothing from the submission shows up.

    I thought it was because WordPress was updated to 3.8, but even after reverting back to 3.7, the exact same issues are happening. Any advice? Thank you!

    1. I ran some tests. It looks like I only accept items with a picture and it should (but obviously isn’t) show an error message. Otherwise on 3.8 my production server and test server seem to be running it fine.

      Sometimes switching to or from permalinks or changing the site name is goofing it up. Do this: Hover over the add an item and let me know exactly what URL it is showing. Go ahead and email it to david at tickerator org and I’ll see if I can figure anything out.

  3. Hi David, nice plugin. I’ve been testing your plugin for a while and here are some recommendations for your work:

    1. Captcha for claim item form. It would be nice to have captcha in the claim form to avoid illegitimate/spam claimers.

    2. In my point of view, items with pending claim status should still be visible on the item list since all items will go through manual verification process. The purpose of this is to increase the visibility of the item to the public which will also increase the probability that the item posted will be find by the legitimate owner.

    1. #1 – Speaking for myself I hate captchas with a passion. The general idea on my side is you can limit the claim form to users of your website so you can use whatever captcha’s etc when they sign up to be a page user.

      #2 – Are you seeing this problem with illegitimate claims? I hadn’t thought of that but I can add the option if this is a recurring problem you are facing.

  4. OK, so my first post was kinda dumb. Now I have a legitimate issue.
    When I fill out the form and press “Upload Image. Choose “insert into post” to add the image.” nothing happens. Can you help with this?

        1. My best guess is that there is a security plugin running that is disallowing the dialog. Either that or some other plugin is interfering. You can email me privately with specifics and I can try and see if I can help.

          1. OK the image upload button is working as advertised. version 0.11 did it.
            However, the code seems to be exposed. Instead of seeing a button or other element, Iam seeing the code. I will send you a screen-shot by email.

            Thanks again for your support.

    1. To narrow it down try a different theme. If that doesn’t matter try disabling other plugins as a test. I know some security plugins will break my plugin.

    1. Seems to be working for me. It is probably interference with another plugin if I had to guess. This is a relatively simple plugin but if you have (for example) a security plugin that disables database writes from regular wordpress pages then my plugin won’t work.

    1. Test with all your other plugins disabled and see if it works then. If you have a plugin that alters the wordpress image upload then that would do it. Also try uploading an image to a different wordpress page.

  5. hello David , first congratulations for the project lost and found , wonder if you can help me .
    A client wants me to do a site lost and found , however I want to separate users with paid account can add items , and user with free accounts can only see the list of items of lost and found , it is possible to separate it? have a command to add to the page just to add an item , and another command to only see the list?

    1. I don’t really have a middle ground. Either users can upload items or only admins can. However for a regular user to be able to upload items they need to have the ability to upload pictures to wordpress (be an author or editor for example). So in theory if the paid users were “authors” they would be able to create items since they can upload pictures and I believe they can’t do much to change the page (since anything they author would need to be approved). This is the best solution I can think of without rewriting the plugin.

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